Welcome to Aubergine Persians, a CFA Registered Cattery. We are a small cattery located in Northern Kentucky, close to Cincinnati. Our goal is to produce exceptionally friendly and healthy CFA Registered Pure Persians . To this end, we are a closed cattery, with our cats and kittens raised in a home environment and underfoot. While we cage our cats and kittens as appropriate to ensure safety and good health, our little sweeties spend most of their time “helping” us in the office or sleeping on our bed. We love our babies- and we want them to go to homes that can appreciate the quiet humor and dignity that is inherent in the Persian breed. Persians are the number one purebred breed in America for a good reason- they are simply wonderful. If you’ve had Persians before, you know what I’m talking about- if you haven’t, you are in for a treat!

While “Purrsonality” is important in a kitten, equally important is good health. Our kittens are guaranteed against PKD and VonWildebrand’s disease. They are vaccinated with the “core” vaccines, and additionally against Feline Leukemia and Chlamydia. We don’t expect your kitten to live its life in a bubble, and so we want to be sure that it has the best protections possible. Our kittens are available to go to their new homes when they are at least 12 weeks old. Reservations are accepted at any time through Paypal. . While we do ship our kittens, weather permitting, we prefer to have prospective owners visit, so that they can meet the kittens and parents in person. We are conveniently located about five miles off the I-75, right between Lexington and Cincinnati.

All of our kittens come with a “good health” vet check, vaccination/deworming records, and a Kitten Care Basket that includes food, a Grooming Video from Castle Baths, and their favorite toy.

We feed Earthborn Holistic Catfood, the grain-free variety. You can check them out at Earthborn. We also give 2 oz of raw ground lamb once a day to boost up their protein and fat intake. Any ground meat will work as well- it's easy to buy and divide up into daily feedings to put in the freezer. Just pull one out in the morning and by dinner time it's ready! We are not big fans of feeding canned foods to the cats- the smell is horrible and the benefits negligible. Don't do that to your self- cats should be a pleasure to own. The only disadvantage to feeding fresh food to your kitten is that they may get their ‘bib” messy- easily solved by putting an infant bib on your kitten. Check out CastlePaws to buy some darling ones from Castle Paws Designs

Thanks for visiting our site- please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Please be aware that Persians are a HIGH MAINTENANCE BREED. The purchase price represents only a fraction of what you will eventually invest in your treasured companion. If your personal circumstances do not allow for this level of commitment, a lower maintenance breed may be a better choice for you. Please go to http://www.cfa.org/client/breeds.aspx for a list of CFA breeds to browse.

Persian Kitten Empire

Newsflash! Kittens!

Three New Kittens were born to Callie & Chip on August 20, 2012. One black tabby, one orange tabby and one white. Reserve your kitten now!

Callies New Kittens

Aubergine Persians is a CFA member-registered cattery.

Aubergine Persians is a CFA-registered Cattery.